The II International Organic Fruit Research Symposium, the first under the ISHS aegis, was held in Leavenworth (USA) as a follow-up to the 2008 I Organic Fruit Conference held in Vignola (Italy), and as a continuation of the 2006 Organic Pome Fruit Conference in Nova Scotia (Canada) and the four North American Organic Tree Fruit Research Symposia (2001-2007).

In 2020 the III Symposium of the series was associated to the I Organic Vegetable Symposium and held in Catania (Italy). However, due to the Covid-19 pandemia, the last symposia were held online. Therefore, the two Symposia organized in Poland will be the first planned in presence after the pandemic event, which will gather researchers specifically active in these organic horticultural production sectors.

The general International Horticultural Conferences organized under ISHS aegis with a 4-year frequency (the next XXXII edition will be held in 2026 in Japan), are also hosting sessions dedicated to organic production since 2008.